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Sightseeing around

Let's play with nature

Rent-a-car is recommended for sightseeing in Iriomote Island
There are only municipal buses and taxis on the island, so you will inevitably rent a car,
We accept transfers to Ohara Port and Yubu Island
Please ask the staff for recommendations for sightseeing and tours on the island.
  • Refresh with the negative ions of the waterfall

    • (C) Taketomi Town Tourism Association

      Pinaisara Falls

      The largest waterfall in Okinawa prefecture (about 55m) located upstream of the Hinai River.
      Pinai means "beard" and Sala means "down".
      Seen from a distance, the white waterfall that runs through the green mountains certainly looks like a beard.
      This waterfall is also a sacred place with the tradition that the white-bearded water god sits.
      It is recommended to take a canoe or trekking tour to the waterfall.
    • (C) Taketomi Town Tourism Association

      Kanbire Waterfall

      "Cambile" means "the seat of God" in the dialect.
      Iriomote Island gather and have a discussion about making sima.
    • (C) Taketomi Town Tourism Association

      Mariyudu Waterfall

      A waterfall with a round waterfall basin, upstream of the Urauchi River.
      The waterfall has two steps, and the basin is round.
      You can go trekking.
  • Nakama River

    • (C) Taketomi Town Tourism Association

      Enjoy the magnificent nature of Iriomote

      Mangrove and Yonehara Palm Grove in Ubundol
      The Nakama River, which flows into Ohara Port in the eastern part of Iriomote Island, is designated as a national natural monument as a "Nakama River Nature Reserve Area", and is home to Japan's largest mangrove group and the Yaeyama Palm Grove, a natural monument.
  • Yubu Island

    • (C) Taketomi Town Tourism Association

      Enjoy the resort, Iriomote

      Iriomote Island is shallow, and even at high tide, it is only about 1 meter long, so it is a specialty to cross the sea with a buffalo cart.
      Yubu Island is a small island with a circumference of 2.15 kilometers and an altitude of 1.5 meters above sea level.
      The area of the island is about 40,000 tsubo, and the entire island is made of sand. If you dig within 1.5 meters in depth, fresh water will spring up, and if you dig more than that, seawater will spring up.
      There is a botanical garden on the island where subtropical plants grow, and the flowers are in full bloom throughout the year, and there are many attractions.
  • Hoshizuna no Hama Beach

    • (C) Taketomi Town Tourism Association

      Make the best memories in the sea of Iriomote

      It is a beach about 5 minutes by car from Uehara Port Iriomote Island
      It was named Hoshizuna Hoshizuna no Hama Beach (Hoshizuna Coast) because there are many star-shaped sands.
      You can see tropical fish in shallow water, which is a popular spot for families and tourists.