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Eco Village Iriomote


280-36 Takana, Taketomi Town, Yaeyama County, Okinawa Prefecture

Telephone number



35 minutes by high-speed boat from Ishigaki Remote Island Terminal Iriomote Island Ohara PortAbout 20 minutes by car from Ohara Port

There is a pick-up service((conditions)
・Pick-up is only at Ohara PortIf you wish, please let us know the departure time by the day before.

Access list

Eco Village Iriomote receives transportation from Ohara Port
If you would like to pick up and drop off, please contact us in advance.
((Please note that we do not pick up and drop off at Uehara Port)
In addition, Yubu Island and restaurants affiliated with meals, so please contact us.
  • From various places to Ishigaki Island((airplane)

    Tokyo → Ishigaki:2 hours 15 minutes
    Tokyo → Naha → Ishigaki:3 hours 30 minutes
    Fukuoka → Naha → Ishigaki:2 hours 15 minutes
    Osaka → Ishigaki:2 hours 15 minutes
    Osaka → Naha → Ishigaki:3 hours
    Nagoya → Ishigaki:3 hours 25 minutes
    Fukuoka → Ishigaki:2 hours
    Naha → Ishigaki:40 minutes

    *The time required may vary depending on the weather and climate.
  • Ishigaki Airport to the Remote Island Bridge

    45 minutes by shuttle bus
  • Ishigaki Island to Iriomote Island (Uehara Port or Ohara Port)

    【Ishigaki Island Remote Island Bridge】
    Ohara Port:35 minutes
    Uehara Port:40 minutes
    The timetable changes depending on the season.Please check with each shipping company.

    Yaeyama Tourism Ferry
    Anei Kanko
    Ishigaki Island Dream Tourism

    *If you contact us by the day before, we will pick you up at Eco Village Iriomote only from Ohara Port
     Please come by yourself from Uehara Port
  • Iriomote Island (Uehara Port or Ohara Port) to Ecovillage

    30 minutes by car from Ohara Port
    25 minutes by car from Uehara Port
  • When using a car


    ・About 30 minutes from Ohara Port UeharaThe big rock is a landmark.
    ・Free Parking:There are 20/ /No reservation required((Bus & motorcycle parking possible)

    Free transfer available during your stay
    [Harbor]Ohara Port ← → Hotel
    [Sightseeing]Yubu Island
    *Please contact us for transfers to and from nearby areas.
    *Since this facility is not open for lunch, we will guide you to the restaurant (pick-up) on Yubu Island