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Dining against the backdrop of the spectacular sea and the night sky

Meals can be said to be an important memory in the enjoyment of a trip.
Please enjoy the healing time and space with "healthy" local production for local consumption ingredients.

Restaurant overlooking the sea on the 2nd floor of the main building

At the restaurant, you can enjoy Ryukyu Creative Course
Enjoy thinking about tomorrow's schedule while eating course meals at a seat with a view of the sea Ecovillage style.
The restaurant dinner menu has only Ryukyu Creative Course
The chief chef selects the ingredients, and the staff will serve deliciously cooked dishes at the right time.
  • Restaurant

    Ecovillage restaurant has a high ceiling, and a Ryukyu limestone cover is installed in the spacious restaurant.
    We have tables and chairs made of German material (Dedun), and the sea you can see while eating is truly spectacular.
    In addition, dining on the terrace with a beautiful sea background will allow you to spend the best time in the sea breeze.
    And for dinner, spend a wonderful time with the starry sky.
    • Restaurant Information

      Indoor:Up to 44 people
      terrace:Up to 18 people
  • Dinner

    • Ryukyu Creative Course
      We will prepare Ryukyu Creative Course" by our chef using ingredients from Iriomote and Mt Yae
      The menu changes every day, so it is popular with guests staying consecutively!
      • Ryukyu Creative Course((Various examples)

        Menu example

        Warm green onion dressing rack of yushi tofu/ /Sashimi of Takase shellfish/ /Ninjin Shirishiri/ /Mozuku vinegar/ /Stewed cartilage soki/ /Tōfuyo/ /Sea grapes/ /Prefectural beef rib roast steak/ /rice/ /Arthur's soup

        An example of dessert

        Red potato baked cheesecake/ /Brown sugar vanilla ice cream
        4,000 JPY((Tax included)
        Period available:
        From 18:00 to 20:00
    • BBQ course
      You can change your Ryukyu Creative Course to the barbecue course on the terrace only in the summer.

      *Addition of dinner and Ryukyu Kaiseki course will be accepted until the day before.
       Please understand that we do not accept changes on the day.
      *BBQ on rainy days can be done at the covered place in front of the front desk.
      • BBQ course

        Menu example

        Chicken peach/ /Beef Harami/ /shrimp/ /sausage/ /Beef loin steak/ /Agu pig/ /Iidako/ /Spareribs/ /Shiitake mushrooms/ /King trumpet/ /Okra/ /pumpkin/ /cabbage/ /onion/ /paprika/ /green pepper
        4,000 JPY((Tax included)
        Period available:
        Limited to Summer
  • Breakfast

    We will prepare a nutritionally balanced "Ryukyu Set (meal) Iriomote and Mt Yae
    *For those who depart early due to tours, etc., we will consult with you about meal times.
    • Breakfast
      • Ryukyu Set (meal)

        1,500 JPY((Tax included)
        Period available:
        7:00 to 9:00
  • Local sake