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Meals can be said to be an important memory in the enjoyment of a trip.
Please enjoy the healing time and space with "healthy" local production for local consumption ingredients.

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  • Dinner

    We will prepare Ryukyu Creative Course" by our chef using ingredients from Iriomote and Mt Yae
    The menu changes every day, so it is popular with guests staying consecutively!

    【Summer only】
    You can change your dinner to a barbecue on the terrace for the same amount.
    *Advance reservation required
    • Ryukyu Creative Course

      Menu example

      Warm green onion dressing rack of yushi tofu/ /Sashimi of Takase shellfish/ /Ninjin Shirishiri/ /Mozuku vinegar/ /Stewed cartilage soki/ /Tōfuyo/ /Sea grapes/ /Prefectural beef rib roast steak/ /rice/ /Arthur's soup

      An example of dessert

      Red potato baked cheesecake/ /Brown sugar vanilla ice cream


      Souchker / Three kinds of Okinawa delicacies of island tofu (squid ink, squid ink) / Homemade Jimami tofu / Shrimp with uni sauce / Shrimp tofu flavored yakko / Mozuku tofu / Shrimp spring roll / Chicken and shrimp terrine

      small bowl

      Homemade Gurukun Marinated / Nishimote Kana and from Iriomote with Yuzu Kosho / Roughty Miyako Miso / Mimigar with Peanuts / from Iriomote with Kana / Ujira Tofu / Green Papaya and Sodeika with Yuzu Kosho / Island Ginseng Salad


      Sashimi of squid and octopus / Sashimi of shako shellfish mixed with vinegared miso / Sashimi of island octopus and sawara / Sashimi of Izumi bonito / Sashimi of island octopus and sodeika / Sashimi of sawara and sodeika / Sashimi of cutinaji and sodeika / Gala sashimi Katsuo no tataki


      Takase shell chanpuru / papaya chanpuru / tofu chanpuru / tontoro and himedake chanpuru / Shimaya sai / naberambusa / nabera and eggplant miso boiled / nabera (loofah) miso boiled / thiraja champuru

      Fried food

      Fried Mee Bai / Shikuwasa Ponzu / Fried Jimami Tofu Soup / Fried Pitarou / Tempura with Island Vegetables and Shrimp / Tempura with Mozuku and Ebi / Deep Fried Gurukun / Tempura with Irabucha / Deep Fried Island Fish

      Steamed food

      Gurukun's steamed shell ginger


      Ishigaki Beef hamburger / Gurukun butter sauce / Beef loin steak / Miyako Miso tartar sauce / Tontoro's Miyako Miso grilled / Sukiyaki style of yaima beef / Aori squid tempura / Agu pork warm shabushima rakkyo sauce


      Mt Yae soup / Mozuku egg drop soup / Arthur egg drop soup / Yushi tofu soup / Nankotsu soki soup / Squid ink soup / Mozuku egg drop soup / Okinawa miso soup / Three pieces of meat and Arthur soup / Crab and Arthur soup / Island fish Egg drop soup
      4,000 JPY((Tax included)
      Period available:
      From 18:00 to 20:00
  • Breakfast

    We will prepare a nutritionally balanced "Ryukyu Set (meal) Iriomote and Mt Yae
    *For those who depart early due to tours, etc., we will consult with you about meal times.
    • Ryukyu Set (meal)

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      1,500 JPY((Tax included)
      Period available:
      7:00 to 9:00
  • BBQ course

    You can change your Ryukyu Creative Course to the barbecue course on the terrace only in the summer.

    *Addition of dinner and Ryukyu Kaiseki course will be accepted until the day before.
     Please understand that we do not accept changes on the day.
    *BBQ on rainy days can be done at the covered place in front of the front desk.
    • BBQ course

      Menu example

      Chicken peach/ /Beef Harami/ /shrimp/ /sausage/ /Beef loin steak/ /Agu pig/ /Iidako/ /Spareribs/ /Shiitake mushrooms/ /King trumpet/ /Okra/ /pumpkin/ /cabbage/ /onion/ /paprika/ /green pepper
      4,000 JPY((Tax included)
      Period available:
      Limited to Summer
  • Local sake

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      Period available:
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